CaddieBasket: The Solution For Golf Practice Inside or Outside


If you live in the northern states, you know that the amount of golf you can play is limited outdoors. November approaches, you get the first snowfall and you head indoors. Do you put away the clubs and hope the lessons you took and the gains you made over the summer stick? or Do you Google "indoor golf simulator near me"

With golf lessons running anywhere from $25.00-$150.00 an hour (or more), we often hate to think all that time, money and effort we put in during the summer months was wasted. Then...we get that first smell of spring, out come the clubs and we do it all over again... or you can hit record, drop your phone in the CaddieBasket capture a few golf swings and send them to an online coach (not your buddy that shoots 10 strokes higher but gives you swing advice) to keep your swing in check during the winter months.

If you plan on searching indoor golf near me or indoor golf simulator for home in the winter months, then the CaddieBasket may be the final piece to add to your indoor golf net and mat while organizing your indoor hitting area. With the ability to record your golf swings on your phone paired with an app or launch monitor, next spring you'll come out swinging where you left off in the fall.  For us golfers that refuse to let the seasonal elements set our game game back in the "off season" the CaddieBasket is a must and that is why we have a 30 DAY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! We're here for you because here, EVERYDAY IS MOVING DAY!

 CaddieBasket GOLF Organizer used in a garage with an indoor golf net and mat for golf practice while indoors.

The Golf Garage Set-Up.

CaddieBasket Organizing an Indoor Golf Simulator Shown as an Indoor Golf Range.

Indoor Simulator Set-Up with 2 CaddieBasket Organizers.