About Us

Caddiebasket Golf: it's been quite a round!

Our Story

Almost every golf product starts with a problem. Ours was based out of need. Our founder was recovering from brain surgery and his Dr. ordered him to keep from bending so much during his recovery, so...he set out to find an organizer that would elevate his golf gadgets and keep his clubs up right with the hope of not having to bring his entire bag with him to the putting green. After a month long search for an all-in-one golf practice organizer, the CaddieBasket PRO was invented.

Our Vision

We believe in growing the game of golf through engagement! As we are witnessing phenomenal growth in our sport, golf is mobile, consisting of apps, social media and handheld devices. You cannot go to a simulator or driving range without seeing someone recording swings or using training device. We look to augment this growth by making it easy and frictionless to record golf swings while organizing tee lines to create a unique experience before, during, and after your golfers leave the golf facilities they frequent.


Originally designed to elevate golf balls to waist height, the CaddieBasket PRO is now a complete practice range organizer used by nearly every facet of the golf world. From PGA pros and long drivers to instructors and club builders, CaddieBasket GOLF is the leader in practice range organizers.

Giving Back-From the founder

When you begin as a start-up, most of us are given the same best-selling manual you get when you have your first child. "The Blank Slate: Don't mess them up." There is always so much you have to do as a founder, and there is always so much more that you want to do. Things like making a positive impact and making golf accessible to those less fortunate, are sometimes put on hold while your company tries to make it through the leanest year or two. Out of the gate we saw and felt our immediate impact and shifted our mindset from trying to make it through the first 2 years, to let's make the biggest difference in golfer's lives in the first 2 years and hope for the best. That was January 2017. Since then, we have worked with countless programs, charities and affiliates to offer something a little different from a golfer engagement perspective with the hope that it would grow the game and bring more people together around the game of golf. Remember, your GIVE may not always be monetary, but sometimes care, passion and a little spare time can go a long way toward making a HUGE difference!


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