Golfer's Gift Guide for 2019/2020 (Gifts they will actually use!)

When shopping for the golfer in your life at times it can be a little challenging and
sometimes requires deeper thought than a Top Golf Gift Card. What do you get for the golfer that has everything? Looking for a unique golf gift? Below are a few golf gift ideas that won't break your budget.
The Switchfix by Pitchfix $10.00-$25.00 This is a divot repair tool that also holds your ball marker. I picked mine up at a local golf store here in Tampa and I use it on almost every hole to easily repair ball marks when I hit the green (hopefully in regulation) from a distance and also has a magnetic ball marker holder that can be customized as well. They come in many colors and if your golfer wants to rep their favorite team, they also license NCAA, NFL and almost every other type of team imaginable. Maybe not a curling team but, I could be wrong.
Honestly, I bought this out of necessity from a pro shop before a tournament. I coach a high school golf team and one of my boys left his belt at home, so I bought one of these for him just in case his parents didn't arrive in time with his. They arrived in time, but by then, I was sold on the quality and functionality so, I kept it. I'm glad I did, it is so much easier to adjust and the face of the buckle flips down and stores my ball marker. Their website is awesome with a ton more options both custom and standard stocked options, they are no longer only golf belts.
$109.00 Now I use this one several times a week both for tempo training as well as physical fitness. It comes in 4 different sizes, I use the mid-size, and the company has several additional training aids in the line, but this is the only one I use. It helps me feel the connection of my upper body to the club and also has come in handy while I warm up before hitting balls. I have used it for several years.
This one is near and dear to my heart. I use it every time I head to the practice range, simulator or just for creating golf content. It keeps all my golf gadgets, wallet, drink and towel all within reach and at waist height. It also has a spot to securely store your phone or tablet for recording your golf swing. No more asking the golfer next to you on the range if they can stop what they are working on to help you video your swing.
SIDE NOTE I also invented it because I couldn't find anything in the golf world that kept everything I needed access to elevated and organized.
The Glove Buddy
Probably one of the most useful accessories on the golf market, especially during the summer months when your gloves suffer the most from sweat. Florida summers are brutal and when you play 3+ rounds a week, it can get costly. In the first summer after seeing the Glove Buddy at the PGA show, I went through 3 gloves total. I alternated 2 gloves during my rounds strapping it to the roof posts on my golf cart and every 2 or 3 holes would wrap the glove I was using around it. It works as an air funnel channeling air into the glove and letting it blow through the glove holes or the porous performance material that glove manufacturers are using these day.
Also a great stocking stuffer, the Stick It Magnetic Towel by Monument is one I picked up at the PGA show and one that makes me feel lost if I forget it at home. I usually slap it on the cart's roof support or on my 60 degree wedge that I probably should not have in my bag anyway. I have it in the grey color (shown) and have washed it 15-20 times and it still looks brand new. Stick It uses a quality microfiber that with one swipe (unless I come in too steep and dig a trench it may take 2) cleans my club grooves without the help of a club brush. Not sure how they did it but it's magic! WARNING: The magnet used has 25lbs of pull so if you plan on putting some gift cards with it in the stocking, I would keep it pretty far away. Also keep it away from pacemakers, just looking out for my golf buddies that had ticker work done.
These items are great golf gifts not just for not only the Holidays, but make great golf gifts for birthdays and special occasions for golfers and are the ones that I find most useful and unique. I only carry the Glove Buddy and The CaddieBasket PRO on my website for now. The other items are not affiliate links, just links directly to their websites meaning I don't get paid for getting you to their site. I just believe in their products and use them almost every round. Most can be found at your local golf or sporting goods store. Happy shopping!