Engage, Create and Having Fun at Your Facility While Providing Lower Golf Scores With The CaddieBasket.


The CaddieBasket is shown to open communication lines with the golfers that frequent your driving range through user generated content. How do we know this? The founder spent thousands of miles on the road visiting driving ranges as far north as The Redwood Golf Center in Seattle, Washington and as far south as The Pelican's Nest Golf Club in Naples, Florida.

What did we find?  Aside from the convenience factor, golfers loved the idea of easily recording swings, and when they ripped a drive or tried a new club during demo-day and recorded their swings they were more likely to share it on social media with their followers. This gave exposure, creating a little added buzz to the club and/or company during the event. Imagine running a swing contest for your golfers every month where they tag you and win a free lesson, a sleeve of balls or maybe even a spa day.


As many of us in the golf business are one-man/woman creators ourselves, The CaddieBasket eliminates the need for having a friend call in sick to help you, leaning your phone against the leg of your bag or clipping it to an alingment stick that blows side to side in the wind. By allowing you to easily drop in your phone to capture great videos, The CaddieBasket provides a dedicated space for your phone or tablet to capture golf swings securely and even has a cutout to run a power cord to the bottom of your device. No more worries about running out of juice, you can edit and upload your content at the end of your session without having to worry about apps drinking your battery.  

What did we find? 

Initially, we were thrilled that the CaddieBasket allowed less bending throughout the day, great camera angles and unmatched versatility as an organizer. "It is like a mini work-station for the practice tee." With all it's storage capabilities and functionality, the #1 feedback we received from instructors was they always knew where their drink was especially in the hot summer sun.


Results are king when it comes to golfers returning for additional instruction, which adds to your bottom line. As coaches and instructors, we know that immediate feedback is key to a golfer getting better and even making them a decent golfer is a happy golfer (most of the time). We can be as entertaining and professional as the next guy or gal, but in today's age, golfers can get instruction anywhere in the world, so why should they come back if they are not seeing results immediately? Have you ever watched the golfer next to you lean his phone on an empty ball basket or timidly ask the person next to them to record their swing face-on? The angles are usually bad and younger and new club members are very hesitant, so they waste time on the range trying to find a decent angle to record their golf swing and end up dumping their bag out to retrieve their phone that fell into it. Allow them to easily record their swings to get a true look at what they are doing right and more importantly, correct what they are doing wrong..you just might get a swing with a great angle and help them more efficiently.

What did we find?

We used the CaddieBasket on the range for about 40 swings, we were usually approached by golfers that were interested in recording their swing during this time, so we let them use it. Afterwards we heard this,

  • 76% of those late teens to approximately late 30's said they would go to a range that had CaddieBaskets on their tee line to record swings to get better feedback vs. a range that didn't have them.
  • Of the 76%, 81% said they would use it primarily for swing video.
  • 59% would use it to store their range finder and drink, while keeping clubs out of their bag and accessible during their practice session. 
  • About 40% had more than one golf swing analyzing app installed on their phone and almost all of the golfers felt the CaddieBasket used in tandem with their app would get them better results whether sending it to their coach or using an app with AI analyzing capabilities.

(Full Transparency, most golfers over 50 had no interest in it being used for video, but they liked the fact that tees and balls were up at waist height).